Scannex Products


The ip.buffer range provides a powerful yet cost effective solution for the collection of any ASCII or binary data from serial and IP sources.

Bidirectional communication, authentication and encryption provide a safe method for remote administration.

The ip.buffer has an extensive range of data delivery options using industry standard Internet TCP/IP protocols.

With large non-volatile flash memory the ip.buffer enables you to reliably store, monitor and manage your PBX and other devices.


The rt.buffer is designed for battery-powered 3G telemetry in the utilities and oceanographic markets.

Sophisticated ultra-low power management and 128 mega-byte flash storage allows for long-term installation.

Fully scriptable, it can be immediately adapated to any market that requires serial communication, digital pulse counting, and high-precision ADC measurements.


The ip.buffer-N4X extends the ip.buffer with industrial use or NEMA-4X/IP66 enclosure for scientific and marine applications. Power control and power management hardware is included, allowing Lua scripting for complex control.

Large non-volatile flash memory enables the ip.buffer to reliably store, monitor and manage a wide range of oceanographic and other sensors.

Bidirectional communication, encryption, and user authentication provide a safe method for remote device administration.