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The ip.buffer range provides a powerful yet cost effective solution for the collection of any ASCII or binary data from serial and IP sources.

Bidirectional communication, authentication and encryption provide a safe method for remote administration.

The ip.buffer has an extensive range of data delivery options using industry standard Internet TCP/IP protocols.

With large non-volatile flash memory the ip.buffer enables you to reliably store, monitor and manage your PBX and other devices.

Market Areas

  • PBX CDR/SMDR data logging
  • Large scale managed services
  • Remote device management & administration
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Fraud and 911 detection
  • Scientific data collection
  • Environmental data collection
  • Smart telemetry
  • Industrial data collection

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  • Easy installation.
    Install and monitor with a standard web browser.

  • Auto serial port detection.
    Automatically detect RS232/V24 baud rate, protocol, and correct pin configuration.

  • Collect from IP sources.
    Collect from TCP/IP enabled devices (including raw, Telnet, FTP, UDP, Syslog, SNMP trap, RADIUS Accounting), or collect from standard RS232/V24 sources.

  • Multi-port data collection.
    Each channel can be configured individually allowing any mix of data collection, alarm detection and management over network or modem.

  • Pro-active.
    Email, HTTP, and SNMP trap notifications on important events.

  • Secure transfers.
    Industry standard TLS/SSL with AES-256 encryption for 'banking-grade' security on all delivery options, or SFTP/SSH secure push.

  • 3G cellular modem option.
    Optional 3G modem provides fall-back data delivery if the main network fails, and also allows administration of the ip.buffer over the cellular network.

  • Firewall & IT friendly.
    Deliver data using standard HTTP and HTTPS protocols, easing deployment - greatly simplifies managed service installations.

  • Flexible delivery.
    Deliver data by raw TCP/IP push or pull, Email, HTTP post, FTP/SFTP push or FTP pull.

  • Reliable.
    Uses the high assurance INTEGRITY Operating System from Green Hills Software.

  • Flexible scripting.
    Powerful scripting for complex string detection, modification, and filtering of incoming data. Allows the ip.buffer to monitor for call types and patterns for Toll Fraud and 911 Detection applications.

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