ip.buffer - specifications

The ip.buffer range has common firmware - consequently all models share the same data collection, delivery, and security options.

The primary differences are amount of flash storage, number of serial ports, and number of storage channels.

feature matrix

Data Collection & Storage  
Serial Data Collection Ports14
TCP/IP, Telnet, FTP, UDP, SNMP Traps, Syslog, RADIUSyesyes
Multi-homing (supports fixed-IP switches)yesyes
Record Time-Stampingyesyes
Flash Memory Size (10 year retention)32MByte256MByte
Memory Storage Channels14
Dynamic Memory Allocation Between Channelsnoyes
Data Delivery Options  
Real-Time TCP/IP (Client & Server)yesyes
FTP Server, FTP Push, SFTP/SSH* Pushyesyes
Email (Triggered)yesyes
HTTP post to standard web serveryesyes
Internal scheduler for FTP/HTTP/Email (per channel)yesyes
SSL Encrypted Connections for all delivery methods*yesyes
z-lib Data Compression on Delivery (FTP, HTTP, Email)yesyes
PPP Modem Delivery over Internet (all delivery methods)modem optionalmodem optional
Scripting Engine  
Scripted Alarm and Fraud Detectionyesyes
Scripted Record Processor (Filtering & Modification)yesyes
Scripted PBX Protocolsyesyes
Scripted emulation of legacy buffersyesyes
Management & Security  
Web Server (http:// & https://*) for Configurationyesyes
RADIUS authenticationyesyes
Pass-Through for Moves-And-Changes (all channels)yesyes
SNMP Agentyesyes
Syslog output and Audit Logyesyes
Remote Fail-Safe Firmware Upgradesyesyes
CHAP/PPP Modem Dial-Inmodem optionalmodem optional
Real-Time-Clock (battery backed) with SNTP & DSTyesyes
Centrally managed using HTTP web serveryesyes
Source Connect/Disconnect (COM & TCP) & Data Quietyesyes
Percentage Full alarmsyesyes
Comfort, Reboot, Config & Authenticationyesyes
Temperature (upper & lower limits)noyes
SNMP Traps (compatible with HP OpenView etc)yesyes
Installation Features  
Auto Pin, Baud, and Protocol Setup on Serial Portsyesyes
Auto cross-over, Full/Half Duplex on 10/100 Ethernetyesyes
Network Configuration PC Toolyesyes
Internal 33.6k Global Modemip.1-32.mip.4-256.m
4G/3G Cellular Modemip.1-32.gip.4-256.g
Isolated -48 VDC Supplynoip.4-256-48
2 Hour Battery Back-Up (AA NiMH batteries not supplied)yesyes
Mounting OptionsDIN-rail,
Wall &
Kit Includes All Cables, Adaptors & PSUyesyes

* Requires crypto-enabled (SSL/SSH) firmware version (free download)

Data sheets