Alarms & 911 Detection

In addition to CDR collection the ip.buffer can collect PBX alarms, either as text strings (serial or TCP) or SNMP traps, and delivery to an alarm server for central processing.

The ip.buffer has an extremely powerful Lua scripting core that allows for very complex string and pattern matching. The scripts can be updated in the field.

Incoming data patterns, or SNMP traps received, can trigger outbound alerts that are delivered by SNMP trap from the buffer, email, or HTTP post to a central web server. SNMP traps sent from the ip.buffer can interface directly into many mature systems such as HP OpenView, Nagios etc.

By using the optional POTS/PSTN or 3G cellular modems in the ip.buffer you can provide a highly available solution that will fall back to delivering the alerts securely across the Internet to your central server.

Avaya CS1000

For a low-cost server-less solution for CS1000 switches, Scannex provide a licensed script to email formatted alerts directly to a list of email addresses in a form suitable for display on a smart phone. The script will capture and filter PBX Fault Codes that are "Critical to Monitor", or "Critical or Major in severity" as well as real-time OSN E911 records.

Script Extensions

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