Managed Services


By using the ip.buffer in a Managed Service (SaaS) solution you can provide your clients with an extremely reliable, high availability solution.

The ip.buffer can interface to almost any PBX, whether through serial or networked interfaces, collect the data and deliver it securely across the Internet.

With the use of the optional POTS/PSTN and 3G cellular modems in the ip.buffer you can have the ip.buffer deliver across dial-up or cellular networks when the client site broadband fails. Remote ip.buffers can be administered through Scannex's web-server scripting technology, or through dialling into the modems — providing full access to all ip.buffer facilities. With security becoming more of an issue in today's connected world the ip.buffer prevents access to the client network — only the ip.buffer itself is accessible.

Although many modern PBXs, especially VoIP switches, provide the facility for CDR delivery across the Internet, the ip.buffer can simplify collection from these devices through a single channel and apply security, compression, reliability, and availability of service that cannot be achieved otherwise.

HTTP delivery

Scannex have pioneered the use of standard HTTP post mechanisms for managed service applications. You do not need to have complex VPN systems installed that may compromise your client's network defences, since all traffic is out-bound from the buffer and can be easily regulated and managed by your client's IT department. All traffic looks the same as an image upload to Flickr (as an example). Consequently, your client's IT department will be more comfortable in providing the necessary Internet connections for the ip.buffer.

Data delivery can be compressed transparently to reduce bandwidth, and optional features in the ip.buffer allow for bandwidth management and control.

In addition to data, the ip.buffer can provide notifications, alerts and alarms through the same HTTP post mechanism — allowing your central web server to automatically handle client site errors. For example, the ip.buffer's electronics provide instant detection of disconnected serial devices letting you know of problems before data is lost!

ip.buffer to web server

Managed Updates

Using Scannex's HTTP technology also allows ip.buffers to be managed from your central web server. There is no need to apply firewall rules on the ip.buffer sites — all connections are outbound from the customer site, and can make use of HTTP/HTTPS, as well as on-site proxy servers.

Configuration changes, script updates, firmware updates can all be deployed centrally. Additionally, time and date settings are synchronised to your web-server, and you can request diagnostic data from the ip.buffer through simple commands.

Web server scripts

Scannex can supply a licensed end-to-end solution, with reference server side scripts for ASP.NET in C# and PHP code that can be loaded onto your central IIS or Apache web server within minutes.

Data transfer is completely transactional, providing full roll-back support, encryption, and compression.

Although the reference scripts write the data and alerts to disk, the scripts are easily extended and customized to allow for linking into SQL, SNMP traps, and other back-end modules.

Script Licenses

Server scripts are available in the following versions:

  • Data and alerts collection plus centrally managed updates
  • Data and alerts collection only
Both can be licensed under a single-site license or under a distribution license.

Evaluation Package

For evaluation purposes, and small site set-ups, Scannex can provide a "canned setup" of the Aprelium Abyss X1 web-server that includes the Scannex "Data Collection Only" script;

  • It performs the necessary pre-flight checks and deploys a working configuration on a Windows machine.
  • Scannex recommends upgrading to the professional Abyss Web Server X2 for commercial deployment or migrating to Microsoft IIS or Apache for larger managed service operations.
  • The evaluation package is provided on a 30-day evaluation under a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, after which the script must be licensed or removed

PC Support Tools

Scannex is well aware of the challenges you face in deploying large numbers of ip.buffers into the field.

We can provide tools that assist with large scale programming of ip.buffers — providing a template based system that can be programmed from a spreadsheet. You can ship ready-programmed ip.buffers with minimal configuration time.

In addition, we have PC based support tools that can be badged and issued to your clients that can simplify ip.buffer configuration and upgrades for non-technical personnel.

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